Celebrate Spring in Maricopa County, Arizona: The Best Festivals to Enjoy

Spring is a time of celebration and fun in Maricopa County, Arizona. From the Arizona Renaissance Festival to the AZ Craft Beer Awards & Festival, there are plenty of activities and workshops to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a four-night music festival, a wine tasting event, or a unique opportunity to sample a wide collection of domestic and imported wines, Maricopa County has something for everyone. The Arizona Renaissance Festival is a medieval amusement park, featuring a 15-hectare circus, 16-stage theater, arts and crafts fair, jousting tournament, and feast.

With an expected attendance of 75,000 people, this event is sure to be a hit. Plus, VIPs can take advantage of free parking closer to the festival entrance gates. The AZ Craft Beer Awards & Festival takes place on the west lawn of Cardinals Stadium in Glendale. This festival also hosts the return of Arizona's largest wine tasting event and provides a unique opportunity to sample a wide collection of domestic and imported wines.

The Ostrich Festival is another popular event in Maricopa County. This festival features live ostriches, national and local entertainment, theatrical shows, rides and games, classic festival food, interactive activities for all ages, meet and greets with your favorite pets, ostrich-themed educational activities, exciting attractions, unique crafts and much more. The Arizona Aloha Festival is another great event that celebrates the cultures of South Pacific islands. In addition to world-class rock n' roll music, this event offers fabulous food and wine tastings, craft beer and bourbon tastings, boutique shopping and more.

Finally, M3F is a 100% nonprofit music festival that was established in 2004 and has become a musical destination for festival-goers. This event features the largest carnival in Phoenix County with over 35 attractions and dining offerings such as Steve's Flaming Hot Turkey Legs, Deep Fried Coffee, Mac Doggie Dog and much more.

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